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AVO analysis for high amplitude anomalies using 2D pre-stack seismic data.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Kuwait Journal of Science. 2022, Vol. 49 Issue 2, p1-17. 17p.

Abstract: Amplitude variation with offset (AVO) analysis is an efficient tool for hydrocarbon detection and identification of elastic rock properties and fluid types. It has been applied in the present study using reprocessed pre-stack 2D seismic data (1992, Cau...

Anisotropic 4D seismic response inferred from ultrasonic laboratory measurements: A direct comparison with the isotropic response.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Geophysical Prospecting. Jan2023, Vol. 71 Issue 1, p17-28. 12p.


Abstract: Pore‐pressure depletion causes changes in the triaxial stress state. Pore‐pressure depletion in a flat reservoir, for example, can be reasonably approximated as uniaxial compaction, in which the horizontal effective stress change is smaller than the ve...

A New Seismic Inversion Scheme Using Fluid Dispersion Attribute for Direct Gas Identification in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Remote Sensing. Nov2022, Vol. 14 Issue 21, p5326. 20p.

Abstract: Sufficient gas accumulation is an essential factor that controls the effective development of tight sandstone gas reservoirs that are generally characterized by low porosity and permeability. Seismic methods are important for predicting potential gas a...

Generalization of Bayesian inversion with application to PP reflection in a vertical transverse isotropy medium.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Geophysical Prospecting. Nov2022, Vol. 70 Issue 9, p1487-1506. 20p.

Abstract: Seismic inversion of amplitude variation with offset is an ill‐conditioned problem, in which small errors in the observed data result in large errors in the estimates, and therefore regularization functions are necessary. The Bayes' theorem regularizes...

Regularized seismic amplitude inversion via variational inference.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Geophysical Prospecting. Nov2022, Vol. 70 Issue 9, p1507-1527. 21p.

Abstract: Over the years, seismic amplitude variation with offset has been successfully applied for predicting the elastic properties of the subsurface. Nevertheless, the solution of the amplitude inversion is not stable due to insufficient information in the re...

Amplitude Variation with Angle Inversion for New Parameterized Porosity and Fluid Bulk Modulus.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Geofluids. 1/13/2021, p1-11. 11p. 3 Color Photographs, 2 Charts, 8 Graphs.

Abstract: Estimating porosity and fluid bulk modulus is an important goal of reservoir characterization. Based on the model of fluid substitution, we first propose a simplified bulk modulus of a saturated rock as a function of bulk moduli of minerals and fluids,...

Common Transmission Point (CTP) Gathers: A New Domain for Amplitude Variation with Offset.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Energies (19961073). Jul2022, Vol. 15 Issue 13, p4825-N.PAG. 13p.

Abstract: Analysis of amplitudes of transmitted waves (TAVO) is an extension of the conventional AVO analysis using amplitudes of reflected waves. In this study, we introduce the common transmission point (CTP) gather, which is a new domain that is convenient fo...

Seismic Characterization of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs with Monoclinic Symmetry Induced by Horizontal and Tilted Fractures from Amplitude Variation with Offset and Azimuth.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Surveys in Geophysics. Jun2022, Vol. 43 Issue 3, p815-851. 37p.

Abstract: Geological and geophysical data acquired from naturally fractured hydrocarbon reservoirs usually exhibit the presence of multiple sets of fractures. Two different nonorthorhombic sets of fractures embedded in isotropic background rocks can reveal the a...

Directional Total Variation Regularized High-Resolution Prestack AVA Inversion.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): IEEE Transactions on Geoscience & Remote Sensing. Jan2022, Vol. 60 Issue 1, p1-11. 11p.

Abstract: Prestack seismic inversion has emerged as a powerful technique for reconstructing parameters attribute to the subsurface properties and building the geophysical parameter models. However, the inversion algorithms always suffer from spatial blur and low...

Polarization States of the Waves Induced at the Interface Between Different Types of Anisotropic Rock Media.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): IEEE Transactions on Geoscience & Remote Sensing. Jan2022, Vol. 60 Issue 1, p1-19. 19p.

Abstract: We report analytical polarization coefficients for inhomogeneously refracted $P$ -wave in the post-critical incident-angle region, induced at the interfaces between different types of anisotropic rocks. For the A-shale/ T-sandstone interface, the phase...