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5G Edge Network of Collaborative Computing Task-Scheduling Algorithm with Cloud Edge.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Mobile Information Systems. 5/23/2022, p1-7. 7p.

Abstract: In the new era, the arrival of 5G has added a lot of fun and beauty to our lives, allowing us to enjoy the happiness brought by the network even more. The 5th Generation mobile technology (5G for short) is a new generation of broadband mobile communica...

Exploring Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Avoidance Techniques for Resource Sharing in Broadband Power Line Communications.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Tanzania Journal of Science. 2022, Vol. 48 Issue 2, p313-323. 11p.

Abstract: A resource sharing in power line communications (PLC) for the home network is restricted by the channel assignment techniques which decide who has the right to gain access to send data. The channel assignment techniques include contention-free and cont...

Impact of Radio Operating Environments on Broadband Connectivity.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Tanzania Journal of Science. 2022, Vol. 48 Issue 2, p245-255. 11p.

Abstract: Broadband connectivity and services commonly referred to as the Internet is the key enabling facility for the modern digital economy and the driver for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR or Industry 4.0). In Tanzania, there are over 49% Internet sub...

Shared-Aperture Ka-Band Reflectarray and X-Band Phased Array for Broadband Inter-Satellite Communication.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): IEEE Transactions on Antennas & Propagation. Nov2022, Vol. 70 Issue 11, p11199-11204. 6p.

Abstract: In this communication, a dual-band shared-aperture reflectarray (RA) with a phased array is proposed for intersatellite links (ISLs). The Ka-band RA is integrated with an X-band phased array by a sharing mushroom patch structure. The high-frequency rat...

Development of a Wideband Current Amplifier dedicated to Fission Chamber Measurement.

Publication Type: Conference

Source(s): EPJ Web of Conferences. 11/19/2021, Vol. 254, p1-5. 5p.

Abstract: Fission chambers are widely used in nuclear reactors, either occasionally to probe the neutron flux maps in nuclear power plants or as part of the nuclear instrumentation used in research reactors to characterize neutron flux levels in irradiation loca...

Performance analysis of DFT-S-OFDM waveform for Li-Fi systems.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Opto-Electronics Review. 2021, Vol. 29 Issue 4, p167-174. 8p.

Abstract: In this paper, the effect of an indoor visible light communication channel is studied. Moreover, the analysis of the received power distribution of the photodiode in the line of sight and the first reflection of the channel without line of sight with s...

A Manifold Regularization Approach for Low Sampling Rate Digital Predistortion With Band-Limited Feedback.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory & Techniques. Nov2022, Vol. 70 Issue 11, p4928-4939. 12p.

Abstract: Digital predistortion (DPD) is an effective linearization technique for RF power amplifiers (PAs), but conventional full sampling (FS) DPD systems use ADCs with three to five times signal bandwidth, and high-speed ADCs are expensive and power-hungry. I...

The Broadband Futures Forum: Regional Connectivity and Shared Infrastructure in NSW and New Zealand.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Telecommunications & the Digital Economy. Sep2022, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p1-13. 13p.

Abstract: On 13 April 2022, TelSoc hosted the thirteenth Broadband Futures Forum, held online, to describe the initiatives in New South Wales, Australia, and New Zealand for greater regional availability of broadband access and the implementation of shared infra...

Liberty Global plc SWOT Analysis.

Source(s): Liberty Global plc SWOTS Analysis. 6/27/2022, p1-8. 8p.

Abstract: A SWOT analysis of Liberty Global plc is presented.

Very Compact Waveguide Orthomode Transducer in the K-Band for Broadband Communication Satellite Array Antennas.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Sensors (14248220). Jan2023, Vol. 23 Issue 2, p735. 10p.

Abstract: A very compact waveguide orthomode transducer (OMT) is described in this paper. The design is characterized with a twofold rotationally symmetric cross-section in the probing area, adapted from a side-coupling OMT design, simultaneously enabling low po...