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One if by invasion, two if by coercion: US military capacity to protect Taiwan from China.

Publication Type:Periodical

Source(s):Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Mar2022, Vol. 78 Issue 2, p65-72. 8p. 1 Map.

Abstract:A conflict between Taiwan and China might involve a full-scale invasion, or a more limited coercion campaign in which China seeks to cause Taiwan enough pain to cause it to change its behavior. If the United States chooses to intervene in such a confli...

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More than carrots and sticks: Economic statecraft and coercion in China–Taiwan relations from 2000 to 2019.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Politics. Aug2022, Vol. 42 Issue 3, p410-425. 16p.

Abstract:China has become one of the most important trading partners for many Asian countries, and Taiwan is at the forefront of China's economic coercion. It also leads to the following empirical puzzle: When can Beijing's economic sanctions and incentives ach...

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Combating Beijing's Sharp Power: Taiwan's Democracy Under Fire.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Journal of Democracy. Jul2022, Vol. 33 Issue 3, p144-157. 14p.

Abstract:Taiwan, one of Asia's fullest democracies, is the target of China's most aggressive attempts to exert authoritarian influence. Chinese influence operations started to receive special attention by members of civil society and nongovernmental organizatio...

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Interlacing China and Taiwan: Tea Production, Chinese-language Education and the Territorial Politics of Re-Sinicization in the Northern Borderlands of Thailand.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):China Quarterly. Jun2022, Vol. 250, p417-439. 23p.

Abstract:While most ethnic Chinese in northern Thailand are Thai citizens now, their everyday lives are a site where we can witness the political power entanglement of China, Taiwan and Thailand. With this in mind, this paper aims to look into the relationship ...

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Taiwan in the Crosshairs.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Dissent (00123846). Spring2022, Vol. 69 Issue 2, p71-74. 5p.

Abstract:The article focuses on the impact of the rising tensions between the U.S. and China on the Taiwan. Topics include lower identification with China among the Taiwanese, and the pro-China KMT has experienced successive electoral disasters since 2014, anti...

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The human rights gap in the Taiwan Strait: how China pushes Taiwan towards the US.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Pacific Review. May2022, Vol. 35 Issue 3, p383-414. 32p.

Abstract:The paper describes the growing human rights gap between China on one side and the US and Taiwan on the other side and analyses its impact on cross-strait relations. Since Xi Jinping's ascent to power in the People's Republic of China in 2012/2013 and ...

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Reactions to China-linked Fake News: Experimental Evidence from Taiwan.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):China Quarterly. Mar2022, Vol. 249, p21-46. 26p.

Abstract:China is accused of conducting disinformation campaigns on Taiwan's social media. Existing studies on foreign interventions in democratic societies predict that such disinformation campaigns should lead to increasing partisan polarization within Taiwan...

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The Evolving Taiwan China-Relationship, Part 2: Politics.

Publication Type:Report

Source(s):Stratfor Analysis. Sep2021, p1-4. 4p.

Abstract:The article focuses on evolving Taiwan China-Relationship with mainland leadership and more skeptical Taiwanese populace are forcing Taiwan's two main political parties to emphasize national sovereignty. It mentions Chinese President Xi Jinping has inc...

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War with China: Five Scenarios.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Survival (00396338). Feb2022, Vol. 64 Issue 1, p57-66. 10p.

Abstract:The article discusses assortment from U.S. military officers concerning growth of China starting war to unify Taiwan and mentions views of John Aquilino, the head of US Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM), on the same. Topics discussed include war between...

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