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Quality Management and Accounting in Service Industries

Publication Type:eBook

Abstract:The process of globalisation in world markets and the growing number of enterprises competing with one another in terms of the products and services they offer, naturally leads to the improved efficiency of management systems. Efficiency is required in...

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The Dynamics of Marginalized Youth

Publication Type:eBook

Abstract:This book studies young people who are Not in Education, Employment, or Training (NEET); a prime concern among policymakers. Moving past common interpretations of NEETs as a homogeneous group, it asks why some youth become NEET, whereas other do not. T...

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COVID-19 in Indonesia

Publication Type:eBook

Abstract:This book assesses the impacts of COVID-19 on the Indonesian economy, particularly on employment, education, poverty, trade, and macro economy. The book explains how fiscal and monetary stimulus work and the roles of local governments in managing stimu...

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Chapter 10 Challenger bank as a new digital form of providing financial services to retail customers in the EU Internal Market

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