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Multiphase numerical analysis of the vortex formation near the suction of the vertically mounted axial-flow pump with influence of the free water level.

Publication Type: Conference

Source(s): EPJ Web of Conferences. 10/24/2022, Vol. 269, p1-5. 5p.

Abstract: Presented paper deals with the numerical investigation of a flow in a complete hydraulic system of a pump station. The station uses a recently developed high-efficiency axial-flow pump with the specific speed ns=680 min-1. The pump is vertically mounte...

Experimental investigation on effect of partial flexibility at low aspect ratio airfoil - Part II: Installation both on suction and pressure surface.

Publication Type: Conference

Source(s): EPJ Web of Conferences. 10/24/2022, Vol. 269, p1-4. 4p.

Abstract: In this experimental study, flow over NACA 4412 airfoil with flexible membrane mounted both on suction surface and pressure surface was investigated at Reynolds number of 5x104 and different angles of attack. The smoke-wire visualization method was use...

A Nonlinear Vibration Compensation Method for Engineering Forging Hydraulic Press Using Tabu Search Algorithm.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Mobile Information Systems. 5/2/2022, p1-10. 10p.

Abstract: The research on the nonlinear vibration compensation method in the field of forging hydraulic press is still in the blank stage. This paper studies the nonlinear vibration compensation problem of forging hydraulic press under the action of a kind of no...

The Application of Seepage Flow Prediction in Nuer Dam Based on the Grey Self-Memory Model.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Geofluids. 5/5/2022, p1-9. 9p. 5 Diagrams, 2 Charts, 4 Graphs.

Abstract: The accurate time prediction of seepage pressure in the dam has essential significance for the safety of the dam body and the life and property of people. To predict the time sequence of seepage pressure, the grey self-memory model is introduced at fir...

Novel Approach to Computing Critical and Normal Depth in Circular Channels.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Problems. Dec2021, Vol. 8 Issue 6, p923-927. 5p.

Abstract: The critical depth and normal depth computation are essential for hydraulic engineers to understanding the characteristics of varied flow in open channels. These depths are fundamental to analyze the flow for irrigation, drainage, and sewer pipes. Seve...

Human Error Analysis for Hydraulic Engineering: Comprehensive System to Reveal Accident Evolution Process with Text Knowledge.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Construction Engineering & Management. Sep2022, Vol. 148 Issue 9, p1-13. 13p.

Abstract: Many human errors occur in hydraulic engineering construction, and these errors may lead to huge financial losses. A systematic and comprehensive accident analysis is required to reduce the probability of human error. Human error analysis is a lengthy ...

Suffusion of Gap-Graded Soil with Realistically Shaped Coarse Grains: A DEM–DFM Numerical Study.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): International Journal of Geomechanics. Jan2023, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p1-16. 16p.

Abstract: Suffusion refers to the phenomenon in which fine particles in internal unstable soil are carried by seepage through skeleton pores. It is a type of internal erosion that can lead to major hazards for hydraulic and geotechnical engineering. In this stud...

Forrest Holly's last hydraulics project.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Hydraulic Research / Journal de Recherches Hydraulique. Dec2022, Vol. 60 Issue 6, p855-863. 9p.

Abstract: Forrest Merton Holly Jr dealt extensively with numerical modelling of unsteady flows and dispersion processes associated with the operation of hydropower and thermal power plants, and often with alluvial sediment transport by rivers. His expertise, ene...

Prediction of the Coefficient of Pressure Fluctuations during the Hydraulic Jump Using ELM, GMDH, and M5MT.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Advances in Civil Engineering. 9/23/2022, p1-14. 14p.

Abstract: Pressure fluctuations are a critical phenomenon that can endanger the safety and stability of hydraulic structures, especially stilling basins. Hence, the accurate estimation of the dimensionless coefficient of pressure fluctuations (C P ′) is critical...

Wedge Aerator at the Bottom Outlet in Flat Tunnels.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Hydraulic Engineering. Jan2023, Vol. 149 Issue 1, p1-10. 10p.

Abstract: Aerators are applied to provide air entrainment and cavitation erosion protections for high-speed flows. By traditional chute aerators in high-head bottom tunnels, it is difficult to maintain effective aeration protection for low-Froude-number and smal...