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WaRM: A Roof Material Spectral Library for Wallonia, Belgium.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Data (2306-5729). Mar2023, Vol. 8 Issue 3, p59. 12p.

Abstract: The exploitation of urban-material spectral properties is of increasing importance for a broad range of applications, such as urban climate-change modeling and mitigation or specific/dangerous roof-material detection and inventory. A new spectral libra...

The books are alive with biological data: an introduction to the field of biocodicology and its implications for historical health sciences collections.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of the Medical Library Association : JMLA [J Med Libr Assoc] 2021 Apr 01; Vol. 109 (2), pp. 336-338.


Abstract: Recent global events have underscored the need for broad access to digitized library special collections. At the same time, a burgeoning field of scientific and historical inquiry is finding a goldmine of data in the physical old books and manuscripts ...

Using a Material Library to Understand the Change of Tabletability by High Shear Wet Granulation.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Pharmaceutics. Dec2022, Vol. 14 Issue 12, p2631. 30p.

Abstract: Understanding the tabletability change of materials after granulation is critical for the formulation and process design in tablet development. In this paper, a material library consisting of 30 pharmaceutical materials was used to summarize the patter...

Improving Contract Negotiations for Library Collections through Open Records Requests.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): College & Research Libraries. Nov2023, Vol. 84 Issue 6, p954-973. 20p.


Abstract: Open records requests can be an important tool in obtaining valuable information to use in negotiations with content providers. This paper examines the opportunities libraries have in requesting public information through open records requests to bette...

Digital Library of Georgia News (September 2023).

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Georgia Library Quarterly. Fall2023, Vol. 60 Issue 4, p35-38. 4p.

Abstract: This section offers news briefs about the Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) as of September 2023. Topics discussed include the library's digitization of the title page of the May 22, 1917 issue of the historic newspaper "Atlanta Georgian," the library's...

Fungal melanins that deteriorate paper cultural heritage: An overview.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Mycologia [Mycologia] 2020 Sep-Oct; Vol. 112 (5), pp. 859-870. Date of Electronic Publication: 2020 Aug 21.

Abstract: Paper-based works of art and documents of cultural importance kept in museums and libraries can show notorious signs of deterioration, including foxing stains, caused by fungal colonization. Some of the main chromophore agents of fungal origin that det...

Preservation and Conservation Initiatives of Libraries in Sri Lanka: A Review of Literature.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of University Librarians Association of Sri Lanka. Jul2023, Vol. 26 Issue 2, p139-179. 41p.

Abstract: Libraries are institutions that provide access to a comprehensive collection of information and resources for educational, research, and recreational purposes. They serve as repositories of knowledge and offer numerous services to their communities. In...

Reading in Transformative Times: Children's Frequency of Access to Public Library Materials Relative to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Library Administration. May/Jun2022, Vol. 62 Issue 4, p438-464. 27p. 17 Charts, 8 Graphs.

Abstract: This survey of parents of children ages 2–18 (n = 240) investigated children's frequency of access to public library materials prior to (T1), during (T2), and predicted after (T3) the COVID-19 pandemic. Frequency of access to public library materials w...

So You Want to Be a Leader? Examining Pathways to Special Collections Administration.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): College & Research Libraries. Sep2023, Vol. 84 Issue 5, p678-692. 15p.

Abstract: This article seeks to understand the current state of the field of special collections library administration in the United States. Using a dataset gathered through publicly available information about special collections directors from the Association...

Der Umgang mit potentiell arsenbelasteten Bibliotheksbeständen an der Universitätsbibliothek Kiel – ein Werkstattbericht.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Bibliotheksdienst. Sep2023, Vol. 57 Issue 9, p487-502. 16p.

Abstract: Während die Problematik schadstoffbelasteter Kulturgüter im musealen Bereich bereits seit Längerem bekannt ist, setzt sich erst seit Kurzem die Erkenntnis im Bibliothekswesen durch, dass auch Bibliotheksbestände betroffen sein können. Eine besondere Ge...