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Update current understanding of neurometabolic disorders related to lysine metabolism.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Epilepsy & behavior : E&B [Epilepsy Behav] 2023 Sep; Vol. 146, pp. 109363. Date of Electronic Publication: 2023 Jul 25.


Abstract: Lysine, as an essential amino acid, predominantly undergoes metabolic processes through the saccharopine pathway, whereas a smaller fraction follows the pipecolic acid pathway. Although the liver is considered the primary organ for lysine metabolism, i...

Characterization and structure of the human lysine-2-oxoglutarate reductase domain, a novel therapeutic target for treatment of glutaric aciduria type 1.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Open biology [Open Biol] 2022 Sep; Vol. 12 (9), pp. 220179. Date of Electronic Publication: 2022 Sep 21.

Abstract: In humans, a single enzyme 2-aminoadipic semialdehyde synthase (AASS) catalyses the initial two critical reactions in the lysine degradation pathway. This enzyme evolved to be a bifunctional enzyme with both lysine-2-oxoglutarate reductase (LOR) and sa...

Deglutarylation of glutaryl-CoA dehydrogenase by deacylating enzyme SIRT5 promotes lysine oxidation in mice.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): The Journal of biological chemistry [J Biol Chem] 2022 Apr; Vol. 298 (4), pp. 101723. Date of Electronic Publication: 2022 Feb 12.

Abstract: A wide range of protein acyl modifications has been identified on enzymes across various metabolic processes; however, the impact of these modifications remains poorly understood. Protein glutarylation is a recently identified modification that can be ...

Metabolomics Analysis Reveals Molecular Signatures of Metabolic Complexity in Children with Hypercholesterolemia.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Nutrients. Apr2023, Vol. 15 Issue 7, p1726. 10p.

Abstract: Despite the importance of hypercholesterolemia in children, it is overlooked, and there are currently few metabolomics-based approaches available to understand its molecular mechanisms. Children from a birth cohort had their cholesterol levels measured...

The Histone Methyltransferase SETD8 Regulates the Expression of Tumor Suppressor Genes via H4K20 Methylation and the p53 Signaling Pathway in Endometrial Cancer Cells.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Cancers. Nov2022, Vol. 14 Issue 21, p5367. 19p.

Abstract: Simple Summary: The histone methyltransferase SET domain-containing protein 8 (SETD8) methylates histone H4 lysine 20 and non-histone proteins such as p53. Our aim was to determine the involvement of SETD8 in endometrial cancer and its therapeutic pote...

Lysine Methyltransferase NSD1 and Cancers: Any Role in Melanoma?

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Cancers. Oct2022, Vol. 14 Issue 19, p4865. 17p.

Abstract: Simple Summary: Epigenetic events, which comprise post-translational modifications of histone tails or DNA methylation, control gene expression by altering chromatin structure without change in the DNA sequence. Histone tails modifications are driven b...

Plasma Levels of Free N Ɛ -Carboxymethyllysine (CML) after Different Oral Doses of CML in Rats and after the Intake of Different Breakfasts in Humans: Postprandial Plasma Level of sRAGE in Humans.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Nutrients. May2022, Vol. 14 Issue 9, p1890-1890. 16p.

Abstract: N-carboxymethyl-lysine (CML) and other dietary advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) are chemically modified amino acids with potential toxicological effects putatively related to their affinity with the receptor for AGEs (RAGE). The goal of this stud...

Review of Lysine Metabolism with a Focus on Humans.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): The Journal of nutrition [J Nutr] 2020 Oct 01; Vol. 150 (Suppl 1), pp. 2548S-2555S.


Abstract: Lysine cannot be synthesized by most higher organisms and, therefore, is an indispensable amino acid (IAA) that must be consumed in adequate amounts to maintain protein synthesis. Although lysine is an abundant amino acid in body proteins, lysine is li...

Wee1 epigenetically modulates H2B mono‐ubiquitination at K120 lysine and DNA double‐strand break repair through phosphorylation of H2BY37‐dependent manner in small‐cell lung cancer.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Thoracic Cancer. Jun2023, Vol. 14 Issue 16, p1420-1429. 10p.

Abstract: Background: DNA damage repair is a crucial mechanism highly related to therapy resistance for various therapeutic strategies. Our previous results have shown that the degree of drug resistance in small‐cell lung cancer (SCLC) cell lines was proportiona...

Methylation of CENP-A/Cse4 on arginine 143 and lysine 131 regulates kinetochore stability in yeast .

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Genetics. Apr2023, Vol. 223 Issue 4, p1-12. 12p.

Abstract: Post-translational modifications on histones are well known to regulate chromatin structure and function, but much less information is available on modifications of the centromeric histone H3 variant and their effect at the kinetochore. Here, we report...