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Demographic Representation Among Speakers and Program Committee Members at the IDWeek Conference, 2013-2021.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America [Clin Infect Dis] 2023 Mar 04; Vol. 76 (5), pp. 897-904.

Abstract: Background: In 2016, the IDWeek program committee was charged with ensuring gender equity in speaker sessions. Whether this charge also resulted in more opportunities for historically underrepresented speakers is unknown.Methods: We conducted a retrosp...

Output Linearization of Single-Input Single-Output Fuzzy System to Improve Accuracy and Performance.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Computers, Materials & Continua. 2023, Vol. 75 Issue 2, p2413-2427. 15p.

Abstract: For fuzzy systems to be implemented effectively, the fuzzy membership function (MF) is essential. A fuzzy system (FS) that implements precise input and output MFs is presented to enhance the performance and accuracy of single-input single-output (SISO)...

Perception of School Committee Members (SCMs) on Factors Contributing to Overweight and Obesity Among High School Students in Kiribati: A Qualitative Study.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Frontiers in public health [Front Public Health] 2022 Apr 11; Vol. 10, pp. 754111. Date of Electronic Publication: 2022 Apr 11 (Print Publication: 2022).

Abstract: Background: Schools are vital settings for overweight and obesity prevention among children and adolescents. School Committee Members (SCMs) are crucial assets to engaging students with overweight and obesity prevention programs. This study aimed to de...

Application of Intuitionistic Z-Numbers in Supplier Selection.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing. 2023, Vol. 35 Issue 1, p47-61. 15p.

Abstract: Intuitionistic fuzzy numbers incorporate the membership and nonmembership degrees. In contrast, Z-numbers consist of restriction components, with the existence of a reliability component describing the degree of certainty for the restriction. The combi...

آثار الحرب الروسية األوكرانية في أوروبا.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Rouya Turkiyyah. Winter2023, Vol. 12 Issue 1, p153-167. 15p.

Abstract: This article deals with the repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine war, which has left a year behind, on Europe. The article first examines the political and strategic repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine war on European countries. Then, the reflections of...


Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Applied Ecology & Environmental Research. 2023, Vol. 21 Issue 1, p665-679. 15p.

Abstract: Individuals of 13 lily varieties were treated in artificial climate chambers at a day/night temperature of 25/15 °C as control, and low-temperature at 15/5 °C for 1 day (D1), 3 days (D2), 5 days (D3) respectively, and rewarmed under the control tempera...

A Proposed Framework for Automated Evaluation of Architectural Spatial Configurations Using Fuzzy Logic Approach.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Engineering Sciences. Jan/Feb2023, Vol. 51 Issue 1, p19-48. 30p.

Abstract: Architectural spatial layout configurations are the result of a complex design process aiming at managing the most advantageous location of all spaces with certain objectives and constraints. In the presence of broadening the scope of understanding spa...

Lewica o polskiej polityce wschodniej w XXI w.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Przeglad Sejmowy. 2023, Vol. 174 Issue 1, p95-125. 31p.

Abstract: W artykule zaprezentowano poglądy lewicy na temat polityki wschodniej. Badaniem objęto wiek XXI, gdyż przyniósł on dekompozycję – na poziomie systemu międzynarodowego, w odniesieniu do jakości stosunków międzynarodowych oraz w przestrzeni geopolityczne...


Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Regional Formation & Development Studies. 2023, Vol. 39 Issue 1, p91-106. 16p.

Abstract: Didžioji dalis Lietuvos gyventojų gyvena daugiabučiuose namuose, kurie pradėti statyti XX a. šeštajame dešimtmetyje. Senstantis gyvenamųjų pastatų fondas ir gyventojų patiriamos didelės šildymo sąnaudos aktualizuoja daugiabučių namų modernizavimo probl...

Heart Rhythm Society membership value proposition.

Publication Type: Editorial & Opinion

Source(s): Heart rhythm [Heart Rhythm] 2022 Jan; Vol. 19 (1), pp. 2.