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Components Affecting the Promotion of COVID-19 Disease Prevention Behaviors among Iranian Students: A Qualitative Study by Using the PRECEDE Model.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):BioMed Research International. 8/5/2022, p1-8. 8p.

Abstract:Background. COVID-19 is a social health problem. Several risk factors threaten students, and schools can provide a suitable environment for managing and performing health promotion programs. Given the extensive spread of the disease and the existence o...

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Determination of the Relationship Between Disease Managements and the Perception of Nursing Support of Parents Whose Children are Monitored in an Intensive Care Unit.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Journal of Pediatric Research. Sep2022, Vol. 9 Issue 3, p214-222. 9p.

Abstract:Aim: This study was conducted descriptively to determine the relationship between disease managements and the perception of the support given by nurse of the parents whose children were monitored in a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Materials and...

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The Relationship Between Internet Addiction, Cyberbullying and Parental Attitudes.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Journal of Pediatric Research. Sep2022, Vol. 9 Issue 3, p274-285. 12p.

Abstract:Aim: This descriptive study was conducted in order to determine the relationship between internet addiction, cyberbullying, cyber victimization and parental attitudes towards them. Materials and Methods: The sample consisted of 550 students attending t...

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Validation of a Research Instrument to Measure Generation Y Parents' Perception of Service Quality and Effect on Satisfaction and Word of Mouth in International Schools.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Mobile Information Systems. 8/30/2022, p1-9. 9p.

Abstract:This quantitative research aimed to (1) validate an adapted instrument used for measuring service quality in private hospitals to measure the perceived service quality of K-12 international schools and (2) implement the instrument to assess service qua...

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A Feasibility Trial for Virtual Administration of the Test of Gross Motor Development-3 for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly. Oct2022, Vol. 39 Issue 4, p446-455. 10p. 1 Chart.

Abstract:The Test of Gross Motor Development-3 is one of the most popular assessment tools in physical education and physical activity settings. It is a valid assessment originally designed to administer in-person, but the virtual administration of the assessme...

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