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Methodologies for researching marginalised and/or potentially vulnerable groups.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): International Journal of Market Research. Mar/May2023, Vol. 65 Issue 2/3, p147-154. 8p. 1 Diagram.

Abstract: Towards more inclusive research practice The papers highlighted that for methodologies to be designed in a way that is inclusive, considerations need to be made both at the researcher/research team level, as well as the approach used to conduct the res...


Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): MIS Quarterly. Mar2023, Vol. 47 Issue 1, pi-xv. 15p. 1 Chart.

Abstract: An editorial is presented that offers a background on the introduction of "significance statements" in "MIS Quarterly's" review and publication process for the year of 2023. This is intended to encourage and enable authors to conduct their best researc...

Qualitative Research Methods in Information Systems: A Call for Phenomenon-Focused Problematization.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): MIS Quarterly. Dec2022, Vol. 46 Issue 4, piii-xviii. 16p. 2 Charts.

Abstract: An editorial is presented which gives an overview of qualitative research in information systems with the goal of aiding both authors and reviewers submitting and reviewing content for MIS Quarterly. Authors and reviewers are encouraged to go beyond pu...

Expectations and Participatory Performance of Husbands in Improvement of Anxiety Disorders in Pregnant Women: A Qualitative Study.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Perspectives in Psychiatric Care. 2/8/2023, p1-10. 10p. 2 Diagrams, 3 Charts.

Abstract: Purpose. Husbands' participation is important in the success of maternal health programs. This participation is emphasized in all dimensions including mental health. This study was conducted to examine the husband's expectations and participatory perfo...

A multi-country analysis of transnational tobacco companies' market share.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Tobacco Induced Diseases. Jan2023, Vol. 21, p1-9. 46p.

Abstract: INTRODUCTION The international tobacco market is dominated by five transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) which continue to interfere with measures to reduce tobacco consumption. The aim of this study is to better understand the current international t...

Important Systemic Factors for Improving Adolescent Mental Health Literacy.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Iranian Journal of Psychiatry. Jan2023, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p45-54. 10p.

Abstract: Objective: Mental health literacy is especially important during adolescence and youth, because the peak of the onset of mental disorders occurs in this period. The present study aimed to identify the effective systemic factors for improving Iranian ad...

The International Trauma Questionnaire: An assessment of the psychometric properties of its Spanish version.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Electronic Journal of General Medicine. Dec2022, Vol. 19 Issue 6, p1-7. 7p.

Abstract: Introduction: This study aimed to investigate the psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the international Trauma Questionnaire (ITQ). Material and Methods: An online survey was launched to recruit participants. This survey was shared via so...

Recognising patients at risk of deterioration and dying on general medicine wards: a nurse-led point prevalence study.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing. Dec2022-Feb2023, Vol. 40 Issue 1, p41-45. 5p.

Abstract: Objective: To trial the Supportive and Palliative Care Indicators Tool (SPICT) as a nurse-led initiative to describe the supportive and palliative care needs of patients in the acute general medical ward. Patient deaths within the subsequent 12 months ...

اعتبارسنجي پرسشنامه ارزشیابي مدیریت خطر حوادث و بلایا در بیمارستان

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Military Medicine. 2022, Vol. 24 Issue 6, p1405-1418. 14p. 4 Diagrams, 4 Charts, 3 Graphs.

Abstract: Background and Aim: An accurate evaluation of hospitals' performance in dealing with disasters can be a major role in improving hospital preparedness. The Hospital Disaster Risk Management Evaluation (HDRME) Model was developed and approved in 2018 usi...