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Application of intervention strategies for behavior management in autism spectrum disorder in childhood and adolescence. a systematic review.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Retos: Nuevas Perspectivas de Educación Física, Deporte y Recreación. 2023, Vol. 47, p201-214. 14p.

Abstract: Introducción y objetivos: el trastorno del espectro autista (TEA) es un trastorno del neurodesarrollo, que presenta síntomas como deterioro temprano de la interacción y la comunicación social, así como conducta sensorial y motora repetitiva y restringi...

The Effectual Spectrum Defragmentation Algorithm with Holding Time Sensitivity in Elastic Optical Network (EON).

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): International Journal of Optics. 11/11/2022, Vol. 2022, p1-16. 16p.

Abstract: The elastic optical network (EON) fulfills the upcoming generation network requirements such as high-definition videos, high bandwidth demand services, and ultra-high-definition televisions. The key issues in EON are routing spectrum assignment and spe...

Truncation Multiplier-Based Cognitive Radio Spectrum Analyzer for Nanomedical Applications.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Nanomaterials. 9/1/2022, p1-7. 7p.

Abstract: The electromagnetic spectrum is one of nature's meagre resources. The requirements of wireless communication cannot be satisfied by the new spectrum allocation plan. A policy of self-driven spectrum allocation results as a result. Cognitive radio (CR) ...

Intelligent Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in MEC-Enabled Cognitive Networks: A Multiagent Reinforcement Learning Approach.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing. 9/25/2022, p1-13. 13p.

Abstract: Making effective use of scarce spectrum resources, along with efficient computational performance, is one of the key challenges for future wireless networks. To tackle this issue, in this paper, we focus on the intelligent dynamic spectrum allocation (...

COCO: Coherent Consensus Schema For Dynamic Spectrum Allocation For 5G.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Complexity. 7/6/2022, p1-10. 10p.

Abstract: Numerous wireless technologies have been integrated to provide 5th generation (5G) communication networks capable of delivering mission-critical applications and services. Despite considerable developments in a variety of supporting technologies, next-...


Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Telecommunication Engineering. 2/28/2023, Vol. 63 Issue 2, p187-192. 6p.


Abstract: 为了提高无人机测控系统在复杂电磁环境下的适应性、安全性和可靠性, 解决多站多机同空 域工作时面临的动态频谱资源管理问题, 提出了一种基于干扰感知和频谱资源管理技术的无人机测 控系统。 该系统将通信侦察技术与认知无线电频谱感知技术相结合, 为上/ 下行链路提供全频带干 扰识别以及动态频谱资源管理。 搭建了干扰感知和频谱资源管理系统无线测试平台, 测试结果表 明, 当上/ 下行链路存在干扰信号且链路质量较差时, 系统能自适应调整链路的频谱资源, 可有效避 开干扰信号对系统的影响, 提升了无人机测控系统的...

Experimental Analysis Using USRP for Novel Wavelet-Based Spectrum Sensing for 2.2 GHZ Band Communication Using LabVIEW.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Nanomaterials. 6/6/2022, p1-8. 8p.

Abstract: Spectrum sensing allows cognitive radio systems to detect relevant signals even in the presence of interference for reliable communication. Most of the existing spectrum sensing techniques use a particular signal-to-noise ratio model with assumptions a...

Blockchain-Empowered High-Frequency Spectrum Management IoT: A Multilayer PBFT Consensus Perspective.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing. 4/30/2022, p1-17. 17p.

Abstract: High frequency (HF) is an important method for long-range communications and even the only mean when satellites are destroyed or interfered, which play an essential role in defense and economic construction. However, noncooperative frequency competitio...

Spark Spectrum Allocation for D2D Communication in Cellular Networks.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Computers, Materials & Continua. 2022, Vol. 70 Issue 3, p6381-6394. 14p.

Abstract: The device-to-device (D2D) technology performs explicit communication between the terminal and the base station (BS) terminal, so there is no need to transmit data through the BS system. The establishment of a short-distance D2D communication link can ...

Online Double Auction for Wireless Spectrum Allocation With General Conflict Graph.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology. Nov2022, Vol. 71 Issue 11, p12222-12234. 13p.

Abstract: The spectrum usage often comes in an online fashion. Considering the selfish behaviors of both primary users(PUs) and sencond users(SUs), we design online double spectrum allocation methods. We propose a truthful online double auction for spectrum allo...