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Blue Is for Boys and Pink Is for Girls: How to Break Gender Stereotypes with a Videogame.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Education Sciences. Oct2023, Vol. 13 Issue 10, p1004. 25p.

Abstract: Serious games (SGs) provide an opportunity to address social issues in an interactive environment that is particularly appealing and engaging for school-aged children. Gender stereotypes are one of the most prevalent gender-related issues in current so...

The Myth of "More" and the Impact of Significant Others on Student-Athlete Participation in High Impact Practices.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics. Oct2023, p371-393. 23p.

Abstract: While the idea that student-athletes have access to "everything and more" may be true in some respects (e.g., Umbach et al., 2006), this can be a misconception as well, as athletes must also contend with things like stereotype threat (English & Kruger,...

Stereotypes in a Multilingual Film: A Case Study on Issues of Social Injustice.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Languages. Sep2023, Vol. 8 Issue 3, p174. 13p.

Abstract: Films serve to (re-)create a 'world' within the mind of the audience. Additionally, they introduce or reinforce stereotypes portrayed as a reality of the modern world through multiplexity and the strategic use of foreign languages, dialects, and non-na...

Igualdade substantiva revisitada.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Direito e Práxis. set2023, Vol. 14 Issue 3, p2080-2122. 43p.


Abstract: As limitações de uma interpretação formal do direito à igualdade são atualmente bem (re)conhecidas. No entanto, o significado de igualdade substantiva permanece profundamente contestado. Este artigo argumenta que o direito à igualdade substantiva não d...

Do Electronic Coupon-Using Behaviors Make Men Womanish? The Effect of the Coupon–Feminine Stereotype.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Theoretical & Applied Electronic Commerce Research. Sep2023, Vol. 18 Issue 3, p1637-1659. 23p.

Abstract: Why are men less likely to use electronic coupons than women? Previous studies have explained the gender difference in coupon usage by exploring roles within the household and personality traits of the sexes. However, this research offers a novel expla...

Can Gender Nouns Influence the Stereotypes of Animals?

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Animals (2076-2615). Aug2023, Vol. 13 Issue 16, p2604. 15p.

Abstract: Simple Summary: Educating about animals in zoos and aquariums is a challenging task for the education teams. They need not only to be well versed in biology but also have excellent communication skills to convey information effectively to people of dif...

Diferencias en los estereotipos de género entre estudiantes de educación física y otras pedagogías de Chile.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Retos: Nuevas Perspectivas de Educación Física, Deporte y Recreación. 2023, Vol. 49, p333-338. 7p.

Abstract: Los estereotipos de género corresponden a creencias de las características y de cómo se deben comportar hombres y mujeres, dando origen a los conceptos de masculinidad y femineidad. Los objetivos de la presente investigación fueron validar el Inventari...

Systematic review on gender socialisation in pre-school education.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Pedagogía Social. jul-dic2023, Issue 43, p191-204. 14p.

Abstract: Ao longo da fase da educação infantil, a identidade de género é moldada pelo processo de socialização através do qual rapazes e raparigas adquirem e constroem estereótipos e papéis de género estereotipados, em muitos casos dicotomizados e sexistas. O o...

The Model Minority and the Limits of Workplace Inclusion.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Academy of Management Review. Apr2023, Vol. 48 Issue 2, p336-356. 21p. 3 Charts.


Abstract: Although management scholars have conceptualized how diversity manifests in various organizational outcomes, several aspects of diversity remain undertheorized. I examine the model minority—a specific and understudied racialized other. To conceptualize...