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Making the Most of Cognitive Surplus: Descriptive Case Studies of Student-Generated Open Educational Resources.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Education Sciences. Oct2023, Vol. 13 Issue 10, p1011. 14p.

Abstract: Universities are hives of knowledge production and innovation, but the work students produce for assessment is often utilised in a limited way, neglecting a potentially rich intellectual resource. This article investigates an activity that can make use...


Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Electronic Journal of Social Sciences. Oct2023, Vol. 22 Issue 88, p1546-1558. 13p.

Abstract: Güç kavramı siyaset bilimi sahasında çalışılan en merkezi konulardan biridir. Özellikle realist düşünce ekolünün odak noktası haline gelerek, güç kavramı ve anlatısı, mevcut siyasi düşünceler ve akımlar arasında önemli bir rol oynamıştır. Bu bağlamda, ...

Perceptions about teacher profiles and good educational practices in higher education: a comparative study from the perspective of future teachers and technical professionals.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Spanish Journal of Comparative Education / Revista Española de Educación Comparada. jul-dic2023, Issue 43, p431-452. 22p.

Abstract: El objetivo de esta investigación es analizar, desde una perspectiva intergrupal comparada, la percepción que de la profesión docente del siglo XXI tienen los y las estudiantes en formación inicial del Grado en Magisterio (Infantil y Primaria), y Activ...

Constructivist Learning Environment and Communication Competence of College Students: Mediating Effect of Language Learning Motivation.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Psychology & Education: A Multidisciplinary Journal. 9/3/2023, Vol. 13 Issue 3, p321-328. 8p.

Abstract: To determine if there is a relationship between a constructive learning environment and communication skills; constructive learning environment and motivation in language learning of College Students. To determine also the mediating effect of motivatio...

Türkiye'de Öğretmenlerin Yapılandırmacı Öğretim Uygulamaları: TALIS 2018 Örneği.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): INES Journal: The Journal of International Education Science / Uluslararası Eğitim Bilimleri Dergisi. Sep2023, Issue 36, p264-297. 34p.


Abstract: Yapılan araştırmanın amacını, TALIS 2018 veri setine dayalı olarak Türkiye'de ortaokul kademesinde (ISCED-2) görev yapan öğretmenlerin yapılandırmacı öğretim uygulamalarının öğretmen-düzeyli ve okuldüzeyli faktörler açısından incelenmesi oluşturmuştur....


Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Educatio Artis Gymnasticae. Sep2023, Vol. 68 Issue 3, p93-108. 16p.

Abstract: Acest articol îşi propune să urmărească o posibilă contribuție a constructivismului la reînnoirea pedagogiei specifice înotului. Dacă pedagogiile orientate de constructi¬vism au reînnoit profund modalitățile de înțelegere a predării sporturilor de echi...

Construction of Media Messages on News of The Cancellation of The 2023 U-20 World Cup Indonesia.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Asian Journal of Social & Humanities. Sep2023, Vol. 1 Issue 12, p1089-1111. 23p.

Abstract: The plan to host the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Indonesia has finally been canceled. The cancellation was triggered by the rejection of several Indonesian political figures towards the presence of the U-20 Israeli national team in the country. FIFA, a...

Place Naming and Place Making: The Social Construction of Rural Landscape.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Land (2012). Aug2023, Vol. 12 Issue 8, p1528. 21p.

Abstract: A social constructivist approach has been applied in our case study analysis in order to explore the sense of place and the perception of landscape of local inhabitants. Fieldwork was carried out in three rural Hungarian microregions selected on the ba...

Challenges Facing Andean Communities in the Protection of the Páramo in the Central Highlands of Ecuador.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Sustainability (2071-1050). Aug2023, Vol. 15 Issue 15, p11980. 21p.

Abstract: In the rural parish of Salinas, located in the central highlands of Ecuador, most of the communities are settled in a páramo ecosystem, whose deterioration has become a concern since the beginning of the century. The scarcity of water that some communi...

Migration in the Classroom to the light of Multicultural Beliefs and Constructivist Teaching Practices.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): International Journal of Instruction. Jul2023, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p855-876. 22p. 5 Charts.

Abstract: The significant increase in immigration in Chile poses great challenges in schools that receive new students. However, there is not enough information on how schools and teachers embrace this new diversity. In this context, this article analyses multic...