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Cenovus Energy Inc. SWOT Analysis.

Source(s):Cenovus Energy Inc. SWOT Analysis. 6/15/2022, p1-6. 6p.

Abstract:A SWOT analysis of Cenovus Energy Inc. is presented.

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Santander Consumer Finance, S.A. SWOT Analysis.

Source(s):Santander Consumer Finance, S.A. SWOT Analysis. 6/24/2022, p1-7. 7p.

Abstract:A SWOT analysis of Santander Consumer Finance, S.A. is presented.

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CFRA Industry Surveys: Consumer Finance.

Source(s):Industry Survey: Consumer Finance. Jul2022, p1-52. 52p.

Abstract:An industry report for the consumer finance industry in the U.S. is presented from publisher CFRA, with topics including operating income; consumer credit and online grocery shopping.

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DaVita Inc. SWOT Analysis.

Source(s):DaVita Inc SWOT Analysis. 6/7/2022, p1-7. 7p.

Abstract:A SWOT analysis of DaVita Inc is presented.

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The transmission of financial shocks and leverage of financial institutions: An endogenous regime switching framework.

Publication Type:Report

Source(s):Working Papers -- U.S. Federal Reserve Board's Finance & Economic Discussion Series. Jun2022, preceding p1-43. 52p.

Abstract:We conduct a novel empirical analysis of the role of leverage of financial institutions for the transmission of financial s hocks to the macroeconomy. For that purpose we develop an endogenous regime-switching structural vector autoregressive model wit...

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Spatial Disparity of Skill Premium in China: The Role of Financial Intermediation Development.

Publication Type:Report

Source(s):BOFIT Discussion Papers. 7/13/2022, Vol. 2022 Issue 6, p1-25. 25p.

Abstract:In China, the relative wages of high-skilled and low-skilled workers display huge variation across different regions. We examine whether financial intermediation development can explain such variation. Conceptually, better-developed financial intermedi...

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A Minimum Variance Hedging Ratio Model Based on Nonlinear Grey Classification Model.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing. 2/28/2022, p1-8. 8p.

Abstract:The risk transfer function of futures market is mainly realized by hedging strategy. Futures price yield and spot price yield tend to show different fluctuations before and during hedging, which leads to the distortion of hedging ratio, that is, the ca...

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Incorporating Transformers and Attention Networks for Stock Movement Prediction.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Complexity. 2/27/2022, p1-10. 10p.

Abstract:Predicting stock movements is a valuable research field that can help investors earn more profits. As with time-series data, the stock market is time-dependent and the value of historical information may decrease over time. Accurate prediction can be a...

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