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Chapter 2: Paris in the Andes Law and the Modern Subject.

Publication Type: Book

Source(s): Dilemmas of Modernity: Bolivian Encounters with Law & Liberalism; 2008, p30-53, 24p


Abstract: Chapter 2 of the book "Dilemmas of Modernity: Bolivian Encounters With Law & Liberalism" by Mark Goodale is presented. It focuses on the country's government and social living considering the influence of France and the U.S. It states that in 1825, the...

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The Declaration of Independence.

Publication Type: Primary Source

Source(s): Declaration of Independence (Primary Source Document). 8/1/2017, p1. 5p.

Abstract: The article presents the text of the Declaration of Independence, which was ratified in Congress on July 4, 1776, and was the unanimous decision of the 13 United States of America. The document begins with the phrase "When in the course of human events...

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