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Imagining Unequals, Imagining Equals

Publication Type: eBook


Abstract: Why did »equality« become prominent in European societies based on hierarchy during the Enlightenment? What does »equality« imply for societies, politics, or legal systems? The contributors to this volume draw on various historical case studies, from v...

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Human Rights.

Publication Type: Book

Source(s): Global Perspectives on the United States: Volume 3; 2007, Vol. 3, p158-162, 5p, 1 Black and White Photograph, 1 Diagram

Abstract: Information about human rights in the U.S. is presented. It discusses the role and contributions of the U.S. in the global human rights movement, and the perception that the country obstructs or undermines the consistent spread of human rights in the w...

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Chapter 4: The Moral Argument.

Publication Type: Book

Source(s): International Migration: Globalization's Last Frontier; 2006, p57-77, 21p

Abstract: The article presents two moral arguments for free human mobility. Moral arguments for free mobility that run along universalistic and egalitarian lines are seen as a strong argument enjoying a quality that is hard to ignore. In the instrumentalist argu...

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Chapter 5: Women's Movement in the Philippines and the Politics of Critical Collaboration with the State.

Publication Type: Book

Source(s): Civil Society in Southeast Asia; 2004, p101-121, 21p

Abstract: Chapter 5 of the journal "Civil Society in Southeast Asia" is presented. It explores women's movements in the Philippines, which have grown in size and strength during the past two decades because of the freedom from feminist and nationalist agenda. It...

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Publication Type: Primary Source

Source(s): Badge of Infamy; 1/ 1/1963, p6-10, 5p

Abstract: Chapter II of the book "Badge of Infamy" is presented. It discusses various political and social issues such as the struggle of people for absolute freedom, the efforts of citizens to lobby for reforms and the organization of several pressure groups. I...

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Publication Type: Primary Source

Source(s): Arena (Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation); 1/1/1891, p58-60, 3p

Abstract: The author reflects on the right of African Americans to seek social equality, education, and political participation in the U.S. He argues on the statement of white people that African Americans are incapable of self-government and in attaining high s...

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Publication Type: Book

Source(s): Human Rights (Mason Crest); 2007, p20-21, 2p

Abstract: Excerpts from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly are presented. Article 1 states that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. Article 9 establishes that no individual shall b...

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