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Congress and the First Civil Rights Era, 1861–1918.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Race, Ethnicity & Politics. Nov2022, Vol. 7 Issue 3, p591-593. 3p.


Abstract: The authors argue the Republican Party generally and congressional Republicans in particular were instrumental in advancing civil rights early in the period, and that their retreat from these issues in the late 1800s and early 1900s allowed new (or ren...

Pitchfork Politics.

Publication Type: Review

Source(s): New Republic; Nov2022, Vol. 253 Issue 11, p58-61, 4p, 1 Color Photograph


Free the Internet.

Publication Type: Review

Source(s): New Republic; Oct2022, Vol. 253 Issue 10, p60-63, 4p, 1 Illustration


The Cyprus Problem: Past, Present and Future.

Publication Type: Review

Source(s): Cyprus Review. Spring2022, Vol. 34 Issue 1, p159-163. 5p.

Jacob Johanssen, Fantasy, Online Misogyny and the Manosphere.

Publication Type: Review

Source(s): Journal of Communication Inquiry. Oct2022, Vol. 46 Issue 4, p395-400. 6p.

Abstract: The backlash against the sexual revolution of 1968 is the key component of the YouTube content analyzed in this chapter. Chapter four to me is one the interesting chapters of the book because it discusses incels and their ironic fantasies of destroying...

Call to Arms: Iran's Marxist Revolutionaries; Formation and Evolution of the Fada'is, 1964–1976: by Ali Rahnema (London: Oneworld, 2021).

Publication Type: Review

Source(s): Rethinking Marxism. Jul2022, Vol. 34 Issue 3, p436-440. 5p.


Abstract: This review essay interprets Ali Rahnema's Call to Arms: Iran's Marxist Revolutionaries: Formation and Evolution of the Fada'is, 1964-1976 through a fragment drawn from Amir Parviz Pouyan's treatise "The Necessity of Armed Struggle and the Refutation o...