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Innovative Technologies for Practical Training of Future Defectologists during the Pandemic.

Publication Type:Conference

Source(s):ARPHA Proceedings. 2022, Vol. 5, p81-96. 16p.

Abstract:The article examines the problem of organizing distance practical training of future defectologists using innovative technologies. During the pandemic, the education system in the Russian Federation and several other countries in the world switched to ...

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An Investigation into Lecturers’ Perceptions and Experiences Regarding Students with Special Needs .

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Education Quarterly Reviews. Mar2022, Vol. 5 Issue 1, p209-218. 10p.

Abstract:This study aimed to examine lecturers’ perceptions and experiences regarding their students with special needs. The research was designed within the framework of the qualitative research paradigm. The participants of this descriptive study were nine le...

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درجة وعي معلمي التربية الخاصة باستخدام تكنولوجيا التعليم في تدريس طلبة ذوي الحاجات الخاصة في محافظة العاصمة عمان بالأردن.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):International Journal of Educational Psychological Studies (EPS). 2021, Vol. 10 Issue 3, p526-541. 16p.

Abstract:هدفت الدراسة الحالية إلى التعرف على درجة وعي معلمي التربية الخاصة باستخدام تكنولوجيا التعليم في تدريس طلبة ذوي الحاجات الخاصة في محافظة العاصمة عمان بالأردن في ضوء متغير المؤهل العلمي )بكالوريوس، دراسات عليا(، باستخدام المنهج الوصفي المسحي. وتكونت / عي...

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Family-centeredness of services for young children with Down syndrome: an observational study from Turkey

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Turkish journal of medical sciences [Turk J Med Sci] 2021 Feb 26; Vol. 51 (1), pp. 246-255. Date of Electronic Publication: 2021 Feb 26.

Abstract:Background/aim: Physicians require information on the family centeredness of services for children with Down syndrome, one of the most frequently encountered disabilities in childhood. We aimed to determine the family-centeredness of services for young...

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Improving Self-Resilience in Students with Special Needs through the Counseling Teachers' Roles: A Case Study on Grounded Theory.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Education Research International. 11/23/2021, p1-6. 6p.

Abstract:Previous studies show that self-resilience was significantly improved in students with special needs by supporting the social environment and the learning system. Additionally, support for the role of counseling teachers in inclusive schools fosters se...

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Teachers' Role in Regular and Special Need Students' Oral Health: A Narrative Review.

Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Journal of International Dental & Medical Research. 2021, Vol. 14 Issue 4, p1639-1647. 9p.

Abstract:Globally, around 530 million children suffer from caries. Several attempts have been made to improve oral health, including oral health (OH) promotion in schools. Teachers as students' role models are expected to play an active role in promoting OH, es...

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Publication Type:Academic Journal

Source(s):Electronic Journal of Social Sciences. Oct2021, Vol. 20 Issue 80, p1818-1831. 14p.

Abstract:Kapsayıcı eğitim, birey içi ve bireyler arası farklılıkları dikkate alarak tüm öğrencilerin gereksinimleri doğrultusunda ilgili destek ve eğitim hizmetlerinden yararlanması yoluyla bir arada öğrenmelerini destekleyen bir yaklaşım olarak tanımlanmaktadı...

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