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Prediction of Inter-particle Adhesion Force from Surface Energy and Surface Roughness.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Adhesion Science & Technology. 2011, Vol. 25 Issue 4/5, p367-384. 18p. 1 Black and White Photograph, 3 Charts, 7 Graphs.

Abstract: Fine powder flow is a topic of great interest to industry, in particular for the pharmaceutical industry; a major concern being their poor flow behavior due to high cohesion. In this study, cohesion reduction, produced via surface modification, at the ...

Tuning of Inter- versus Intrachain Magnetic Interactions in Cyano-Bridged NiII/MIII (M = Crk, Fe, Co) Chain Complexes.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Inorganic Chemistry. 9/18/2006, Vol. 45 Issue 19, p7722-7735. 14p. 6 Charts, 12 Graphs.

Abstract: The reaction of [M(CN)6]3- (M = Cr3+, Fe3+, Co3+) with the nickel(ll) complex of 2,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazin-6-yl-{3-(1,3,5,8,12-pentaazacyclotetradecane)} ([NiL]2+) in excess of ANO3 or ACI (A = Li+, Na+, K+, Rb+ Cs+, NH4+) leads to the cyano-bridged di...

Inter- and hetero-metallic assembly of palladium sulfide aggregates: crystal and molecular structures of [InPd2Cl3(dppf)2(μ3-S)2]·3CH2Cl2 and [Ag2Pd2(NO3)2(dppf)2(μ3-S)2]·2CH2Cl2

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Journal of Organometallic Chemistry. Feb2005, Vol. 690 Issue 4, p990-997. 8p.

Abstract: Abstract: Lewis acid/base addition between Pd2(dppf)2(μ-S)2 and MXn [M=In(III), Ga(III), Tl(I), Pb(II), Sn(IV), Bi(III), Ag(I) and Au(I); X=halide or pseudohalide; dppf=1,1′-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene] gives rise to a range of neutral or cationic ...

Assessment of Cytocompatibility and Anti-Inflammatory (Inter)Actions of Genipin-Crosslinked Chitosan Powders.

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Biology (2079-7737). Jul2020, Vol. 9 Issue 7, p159. 1p.

Abstract: Chitosan is a polysaccharide commonly used, together with its derivatives, in the preparation of hydrogel formulations, scaffolds and films for tissue engineering applications. Chitosan can be used as such, but it is commonly stabilized by means of che...

Ethyl 4-hydr­oxy-2,6-diphenyl-5-(phenyl­sulfan­yl)pyridine-3-carboxyl­ate and ethyl 2,6-bis­(4-fluoro­phen­yl)-4-hydr­oxy-5-(4-methyl­phenyl­sulfan­yl)pyridine-3-carboxyl­ate: supra­molecular aggregation through C—H⋯O, C—H⋯F and C—H⋯π inter­actions

Publication Type: Academic Journal

Source(s): Acta Crystallographica: Section C (Wiley-Blackwell). Feb2007, Vol. 63 Issue 2, po141-o144. 1p. 6 Diagrams, 5 Charts.

Abstract: The title polysubstituted pyridines, ethyl 4-hydroxy-2,6-diphenyl-5-(phenylsulfanyl)pyridine-3-carboxylate, C26H21NO3S, (I), and ethyl 2,6-bis(4-fluorophenyl)-4-hydroxy-5-(4-methylphenylsulfanyl)pyridine-3-carboxylate, C27H21F2NO3S, (II), adopt nearly ...